Mayworks and MCCL Theatre Project

Past Program

Approximately 25 youth participated in creating a play, which was showcased at Alderney Landing. Working a theatrical project develops many skills. Youth were exposed to potential careers in theatre both on-stage and back-stage. Skills that transfer into the classroom and community include working as a team, communication, oral and written presentation, time management, problem solving, stress management, accountability, leadership and an increased level of self-confidence. Youth wrote, cast, rehearsed the original performance and presented it in May 2015.

The Labour Council is the organizer of Mayworks, a national organization, working with community-based performers to explore social and economic justice. They contributed $2,000.00 in support of the production. They asked that the money go towards paying the actors of the production to develop a sense of entrepreneurship. Sobaz Benjamin, a MCCL programmer, guided youth through this production.

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