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Mike Janz – Giving Back

Anne Frank famously said, “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” While I have never heard anyone quote this directly within the walls of 50 Queen Street, every day here is infused with this idea. Don’t know how to draw? Just sharpen your pencil.…

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Karn Nichols – the MacPhee Centre

Karn Nichols – Board Chair “Don’t waste precious time chasing someone else’s definition of success. Live your life with purpose now. Look for the things that inspire you, trouble you, make you feel most alive, and trust in those things to shape your future. They will give you all your heart could ever wish for.” ~…

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Quinn MacIsaac – MacPhee Experience as a Summer Student

The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning’s commitment to lifelong learning and harnessing individual creativity extends beyond the youth it serves and flows into the lives of staff, volunteers, and everyone else who is part of the community. My experience with the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning has shifted my perspective and provided me with experience…

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