“It seems so much more reasonable, and I can do it too” – A report on the the impact of the MacPhee Centre’s programming during the COVID-19 pandemic and areas of opportunity.

A report compiled by Amélie Lemieux, Emma Beaton, and Christine Wood presented an overview of community art program evaluations across Canada – specifically the Maritimes – with a goal of providing specialized insights into the state of online accessibility, availability, and outreach during the 2020-2021 year. Evaluations from multiple organizations from across the Maritimes and subsequent online interview with programs participants at the MacPhee Centre were collected to provide insight into opportunities to improve and increase the impacts of programs.

“One commented on what a positive experience it was for them to learn from working artists, because it made a career in the arts seem “more possible than (they) think it is” – if they can see the work that the artist produces, and the steps that they take to produce it, then it seems much more reasonable to believe that they can do it too” (Lemieux et al., 2021, p. 16).

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