Caz Kavanaugh

Caz started as a program participant in Fall 2021 in Open Studio, Dungeons and Dragons, and Bookbinding, then, last year, after attending the Like a Boss program, started assisting during PD Day programs. During our Fall 2023 Term, Caz facilitated an 8-week Jewelry Making program and joined the board as a youth ambassador.

Close up of Caz laughing while holding paint chip on a blue background with waves.

Why do you like coming back to the MacPhee Centre each term?

“I like coming back to the MacPhee Centre because the people and the environment are wonderful, and the activities are also very fun.”

What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve made or a project you were a part of? Why?

“I really enjoyed working with the Like a Boss program to make a mural at the YWCA; it was really interesting to learn all the steps to painting the mural, from meeting with the client to drawing, painting and then finishing the mural.”

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

“I’m not entirely sure what’s next for me, but I am enthusiastic and willing to learn as much as possible.”

Photo of Caz looking through their long bangs at the camera while rug hooking a mushroom
A painting in progress of a bird on a branch

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