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According to a report published by Creative City Network of Canada, commissioned by the Canadian Council for Arts (Making a Case for Culture), “the ability to engage and motivate children and youth from all socioeconomic levels in education and community is a respected strength of arts and culture”. The report shares research that demonstrates:

  1. Art is an effective outreach tool to engage youth
  2. Learning in and through the arts enhances learning in other domains and general scholastic achievement
  3. The arts build resilience and self-esteem in young people
  4. The arts contribute to creating healthy and supportive communities for youth
  5. The arts help in the successful transition to adulthood and the development of in-demand job skills
  6. The arts offer opportunities for youth leadership development and for youth to affect positive change in their communities

Our assertion that we empower youth between the ages of 12-19 by connecting passion with purpose through the arts is supported in research. As described above, we are a hub that inspires creativity and confidence by offering unique programs in visual arts, music, videography, creative writing and technology in a safe and inspiring space. Our city and province need this hub.

The MacPhee Centre develops confidence, lifelong learning skills, an appreciation for the value of giving back to the community and increased potential for employment in our communities. We give NS youth a voice through the arts. There is no other centre offering the MacPhee Centre’s diverse range of creative learning opportunities, free of charge, to youth in support of education. We are filling a void. Please support this valuable work.

Donate by contacting us at: info@macpheecentre.ca or by calling 902 469 2851

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