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To facilitate the unique and valuable programs the MacPhee Centre offers, we rely on volunteers like you! Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to get involved in your community, and with the MacPhee Centre, you’ll have the chance to help grow programs that empower creativity and learning in youth. Volunteering is a fun and incredibly rewarding experience.

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Contact Heather MacDonald at (902) 469-2851 or heather@macpheecentre.ca.

Would I Make a Good Volunteer?

The MacPhee Centre requires all types of volunteers, so there are lots of options for how you could be an asset, depending on your expertise and interests. Whether you’re looking to volunteer on a casual basis, or are looking for a weekly volunteer gig where you can really dig in, we’d love to hear from you. We appreciate volunteers who have a keen interest in creative education, youth engagement and watching our community flourish.

What Experience is Required?

Any volunteer experience or experience working with youth is a valuable asset, but we’re focused on working with volunteers who are passionate about the centre and our mandate. We will have all the information you need if you join our team, so don’t worry if you’ve never volunteered in a position like this before.

Available Positions

Think you’re ready to volunteer with the MacPhee Centre? Check out our positions below, and apply based on your interests and experience.

Cooking up a Storm!

The MacPhee Centre provides delicious and nutritious snacks for our members, and we’re looking for fantastic cooks and bakers to help us make these treats. We have a great kitchen with all the tools and ingredients you’ll need to prepare our daily snacks—all you need to do is show up and get ready to make them! If you love to cook and want to get involved with the MacPhee Centre, we’d love to hear from you.

Program Hosts

We have an incredible team who facilitate our programming. Our facilitator’s experience and expertise are essential in running the unique programs we offer, and with program support volunteers, they’re able to focus their full attention on teaching. Program support volunteers are on site to ensure our facilitators have the help they need when working with youth. Being a program support volunteer is a great way to get hands-on experience and really get involved with our amazing programs!

Fixin’ Things Around 50 Queen

We have a beautiful facility located in the heart of downtown Dartmouth. We’re incredibly proud of our historic venue, and the youth who attend our program are great at helping us maintain the space. Occasionally, we need some help with building maintenance—anything from minor home repairs to gardening. If you’re a handy person and you’d like to help us keep the house functioning top notch for our youth, you could be a perfect building maintenance volunteer. 50 Queen will thank you for it!

Marketing Superheros

We’re always trying to get the word out about the center and this important work. Marketing volunteers are essential in helping us create marketing materials and delivering these materials to the community and beyond. If you have any experience in marketing and are interested in developing your skills while growing our program, we’d love to hear from you. The kind of marketing tasks you’d be responsible for could include creating newsletters, press releases, posters, social media posts and more!

Keeping our Technology in Check

When it comes to creative learning techniques we have the experience, but that doesn’t mean we’re always ready to fix any technological issues that pop up around the centre—in fact, the youth are usually more skilled in the department! We’re fortunate to have really fantastic equipment to provide to youth in our programs, and IT volunteers are always appreciated when it comes to maintaining this equipment and helping us work out any bugs. If you’re sharp with computers and technology, we’d love to have you on board to help us keep our equipment in top shape.


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