Heartwarming Postcard Project Connects Community  

Youth putting handmade collaged postcards into a community mailbox

Dartmouth, NS – Yesterday, the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning and YWCA staff led a vibrant postcard project as part of the Palifax programming, creating a memorable experience for local youth. 

Many of the participants had never mailed or received a postcard before. The activity encouraged them to collage and decorate their own postcards, sending them out to parents, friends, significant others, and grandparents. 

Daya, one of the participants, crafted a stunning purple postcard decorated with an intricate butterfly scene and three-dimensional stickers. Inspired by her grandmother, who sent postcards while travelling across Canada and the USA, Daya decided to return the favour. However, in the excitement of the project, she accidentally overlooked an important detail: the stamp. 

In a heartwarming attempt, the program staff quickly penned a note to the postal worker: 

A close up of the note, signed by the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, and with the written response of the postal worker
The handwritten note by program staff on the front of the community mailbox

Dear Postal Worker, 

At our summer camp, we made postcards and one person sent one to their grandma without a stamp. If you find it, can you please return it to the MacPhee Centre (across the street), or use the stamp on the back of this page? We would really appreciate it! 

Thank you so much! 

The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning

To everyone’s delight, the postal worker not only found the postcard but also stamped it and left a cheerful reply, which quickly went viral online: 

“Found it and stamped it! Have a great day!” ❤️

Fingers crossed that the now-stamped postcard gets to grandma. (Though with the dedication and kindness of Canada Post workers. We do not doubt that it’ll find its way to her). 

A heartfelt thank you to our local Canada Post worker for their wonderful act of kindness! 

You can see the original note displayed in the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning window across from the old post office in Downtown Dartmouth, (and maybe in the future in the Dartmouth community archives?). Updates on the postcard’s journey will be shared as they come in! 

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