Jayden Stright

Jayden attended over 240 hours of programming at MacPhee in 2023

Jayden smiles at the camera while working at a wood working table. The background is blue with waves.
  • Sewing,
  • GSA,
  • BIPOC,
  • Nocturne Open Studio,
  • Musical Theatre,
  • Drawing,
  • Stop Motion Animation,
  • Film Like a Boss,
  • Painting Like a Boss,
  • NSCC Tech-Arts,
  • Food and Garden Arts,
  • Writer’s Federation,
  • PD Days,
  • and more!

Why do you like coming back to the MacPhee Centre each term?

“I like coming back to the MacPhee Centre because I really enjoy talking to my friends, and the staff are great to talk with. Coming to MacPhee also allowed me to show my creativity with the wonderful programs.”

What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve made or a project you were a part of? Why?

”I would say I have two favourite projects from 2023:

(1) is the mural we made at the YWCA in Painting Like a Boss. It was so fun to get together and paint something like that.

And (2) the mandalas we made in the drawing program. It really allowed me to show and illustrate the things I liked in one piece.”

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

“I hope in the future I can use art in the career path I go down. Maybe just selling paintings or making illustrations.”

Jayden pauses to look at their previous pictures on their camera screen during a photo walk
A self portrait of Jayden, drawn with pencil on paper

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