Leo Gunvaldsen Klaassen

Why do you like coming back to the MacPhee Centre each term?

“I always know I’ll be accepted and seen at the MacPhee Centre because there’s always a sense of community and artistic freedom provided by the welcoming and inclusive mentoring leadership of staff. There’s also an amazing variety of engaging programs such as stop motion animation, film and photography, music, drawing, dancing, painting, graphic arts, quilt making, dungeons and dragons, and a whole lot more.”

Leo posing with a guitar like a rockstar with one leg up on a chair

What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve made or a project you were a part of? Why?

I was part of a collaborative project to make a mural for the YWCA. I really enjoyed it because it gave me the chance to learn from someone who is working in the arts to figure out how to create a public art piece. It was also a pleasure to work with other youth in this project.

I also love learning more about Claymation at MacPhee, and making short videos makes me feel like time is flying by and I’m always surprised by what funny characters come out.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I want a career in the arts, making and illustrating graphic novels, making stop motion movies, and illustrating story books. The MacPhee centre has helped me explore a variety of mediums and discover new artistic passions.

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