Our Story

At the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, we empower youth through art in a welcoming, inclusive environment supported by our community. We envision a world where empathy and diversity thrive, and challenges are opportunities for growth.

Through art, we inspire leadership, collaboration, and innovation, fostering a spirit of creativity. Our mission is to provide a safe, youth-driven space for exploration and self-expression. Together, we're shaping a future where kindness and cooperation reign, where every dream is supported, and where every young person can realize their full potential through the transformative power of art.


We are committed to our mission by constantly improving our efforts under the following pillars:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Sustainable Resourcing
  • Quality Programs
  • Community Engagement


In 2023, we measured the following impact:

3800+ Youth Yearly


Snacks Served


Art Facilitators

25 Community Partnerships

45 BIPOC Drop-in Participants

62 GSA Drop-in Participants


The MacPhee Centre was founded in 2009 as a non-profit training centre for youths who are not thriving in a traditional classroom environment and at risk of dropping out of school and those with barriers to accessing creative learning opportunities. The centre was named in recognition of a generous donation from Al and Mary MacPhee who contributed a quarter of a million dollars to a capital campaign. Inspired by Bill Strickland's Manchester Bidwell model for youth arts and technology centres across the USA, the MacPhee Centre seeks to connect youth with passion and purpose.

Built in 1895, this building served the local fire organization as the Union Protection Company until 1932 when it joined with the Dartmouth Engine Company and the Axe and Ladder Company to form the Dartmouth Fire Department.

Before the MacPhee Centre, this building was previously a gym, an office building and a stamp store. It has been renovated and designed with direct input from the youth who use the space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)