Personal Development Credit

Getting a Personal Development Credit

You can earn 0.5 or 1 school credit through participation in MacPhee Centre programs. For a half credit, you need to spend 55 hours of time working on programming lessons, and for a full credit you need to spend 110 hours of time. The steps are outlined below:


State your intentions. Your first step is to chat with the Program Manager about your interest in completing a PDC through the MacPhee Centre. Once you have done that, you are on your way!


In order to qualify for half a PDC, you will have to spend 55 hours of your time working on programming lessons. For a full credit, you will need to spend 110 hours. We know that sounds like a lot of time but it is really not! If you come to one program every week in our Fall or Spring terms (both of which are 12 weeks long) that is 24 hours completed! If you attend two programs every week in one of those terms you have accumulated 48 hours of program time! The remaining 7 hours can be accomplished by completing your next step.

Curious about what programs we have running this term? Visit our current program offering schedule here! (BUTTON WITH THE LINK TO THE CURRENT REGISTRATION AND PROGRAM SCHEDULE PAGE)


In order to qualify for a PDC, you will have to prove to us that you have learned something new, not just about the artform you are studying but also about yourself.

That means you will be expected to submit two 1-page written reflections to the Program Manager. Although these reflections will not be graded, it is important to try your best to clearly explain what you have learned. If the Program Manager feels like you could reflect further, they will ask you to try rewriting your reflection, and are open to having a conversation about what else you can think about.

The Program Manager will be available by appointment during Tuesday night Drop-In to meet with you and discuss your progress if you feel like you need help.


So you have stated your intentions to pursue a Personal Development Credit (PDC), you have invested your time into the programs, and you have worked with the Program Manager to make sure you have reflected on your learning… what comes next? We are glad you asked!

At the end of every Fall, Winter, and Spring term, the MacPhee Centre hosts a Program Celebration and this is your chance to show off all your hard work. You will be expected to take part in the celebration by either displaying a visual piece of art you have been working on, or perform a song or play that you have written. This step can be nerve wracking because there are a lot of people at our celebrations but do not worry! Everyone in the audience is there to make sure you feel supported and celebrated, nobody is judging your work.

This is a mandatory part of receiving the credit so make sure you consider whether it is something you can really see yourself doing. We know you can do it, and we will help you along the way if you need it.


By this point, you have done everything you need to do to earn yourself a Personal Development Credit but how do you make sure it is recognized on your official school transcripts? First, inform the Program Manager that you have completed everything and will be pursuing this credit with your guidance counsellor. The Program Manager will give you a printed certificate indicating that they are sure you have completed all your requirements. Afterwards, bring it to your guidance counsellor and talk to them about filling out a Personal Development Credit Student Notification Form. It is important that you take this step after you have completed the necessary time and documentation requirements at the MacPhee Centre. Attach your certificate (or a copy of it) to your Student Notification Form and return it to your guidance counsellor, they will handle it from there.

If you are already taking programs at the MacPhee Centre, why not use your time to help you graduate? We would be happy to say we helped and you will have to spend a little less time in school. For more information on the Personal Development Credit process, please click the link below to be redirected to the Personal Development Credits Information for Students and Parents/Guardians manual published by the Department of Education here.