Portaupique Programs

Program Details

The Portaupique Programs are:

  • Free
  • Open to Youth between the ages of 10 to 16


Take part in our vibrant summer Art and Recreation program at Portaupique Community Centre! We'll spend the week exploring tons of creative mediums. The possibilities in the arts are endless, and there is so much for us to try. Think painting and drawing, clay, drums and guitar, tie dye, and anything else you can dream up! We'll also be adventuring in the world of recreation! Think exploring the river and skipping rocks, water balloons, sports, and more.

We'll have plenty of supplies and direct facilitation/instruction to help with all arts and rec activities. Join us for an immersive summer filled with self-expression, exploration, and endless fun!


Close up of a partially painted cyanotype print surrounded by marbles, paint brushes, leaves, a spray bottle, and a foil pan