Cassie Seaboyer (she/her)
Cosplay Facilitator

Cosplay Facilitator she/her

Puppet builder, local cos-player, sculptor, and part time velociraptor tamer, Cassie Seaboyer is no stranger to the art scene. Growing up in Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia, Cassie has always had a fascination for practical effects in film, especially the puppets and animatronics used in Jurassic Park, Star Wars and the Alien series. With this inspiration, Cassie started sculpting larger scale pieces and working on cosplay related projects during her time at NSCAD University. She originally intended to graduate with a major in fine painting, but once Cassie got her hands in clay, there was no turning back! She dropped the major to pursue illustration and sculpting programs, which allowed her to work 3D in many different mediums. Cosplay has allowed Cassie to practice skills that would later become applicable in the film industry and meet new people that share the same passion. In 2017 Cassie met Marc Deveault, owner of Devo FX, and became a member of the team. Since joining Devo FX, Cassie has worked on numerous projects such as wigs, movie props, large scale molds and prosthetic makeup applications.

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