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Working together with schools and community partners the MacPhee Centre offers a range of creative programs throughout the year ranging from music, drama and painting to fine arts and dance. Through partnerships with local artists and musicians who are inspired to help youth find their creative passion, the centre provides high-calibre instruction and mentorship that complements traditional education. The creative learning programs also demonstrate to youth career and entrepreneurial opportunities that are possible when you develop a love of life-long learning.

By taking youth out of their usual environment, the MacPhee Centre nurtures the natural creative ability of students and highlights career opportunities. It eliminates barriers to accessing creative learning for youth who are hungry for this opportunity but have difficulty accessing it. There are no limits to the imagination, especially when given the right conditions to flourish. Youth who participate in the programs offered leave with a renewed sense of their own potential and the ability to give back positively to society as part of the creative class and the creative economy.

The unique programming at the MacPhee Centre is an effective entry point to re-engage youth in order to improve academic outcomes, provide direction, assist with career objectives, while also decreasing dropout rates and increasing cultural development.

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