Whether you have never picked up an instrument before and played music, or if you find yourself spending hours a day writing lyrics, MacPhee Centre music programs are for you. Programs range from independent and collaborative songwriting to forming a rock band and recording a song. They give folks the chance to learn the ukulele, guitar, piano, or drums in a group of like-minded peers. 

And if you didn’t already know, we have guitars and ukuleles at the Centre that youth can borrow while they are in a program so they can continue to work on their skills outside of programs.

Some of the programs that have been offered in the past include:

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    The Facilitators

    Curious about who might be leading one of these programs? These are some of the folks who have facilitated programs with these organizations in the past.

    Dr Henry Bishop

    Dr. Henry Bishop (he/him)
    African Drumming Facilitator

    Laura McRae Headshot

    Laura McRae (she/her)
    Ukulele & Musical Theatre Facilitator

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    Jacob Caines (he/him)
    MacPhee Band & The Language of Songwriting Facilitator

    Chris Iannetti

    Chris Iannetti (he/him)
    Rock n' Record Facilitator


    Ian Bennett (he/him)
    Songwriting & Guitar Facilitator

    Rachel Bruch Headshot

    Rachel Bruch (she/her)
    Coffee House Facilitator

    Samm Reid Headshot

    Samm Reid (she/her)
    Power Your Voice! Facilitator

    African Drumming

    With the grandfather of the MacPhee Centre, Dr. Henry V. Bishop, this program gives participants the opportunity to learn about djembes – African drums. You’ll be guided through conversations on the history of drumming, racism, and the Seven Principles of Nguzo Saba.

    Coffee House

    A space where you have the chance to not only write your own music and perform, but choose the venue, date, and theme of the event! You’ll have the chance to work collaboratively to plan and host an event for the MacPhee Centre community. 

    MacPhee Centre Band

    An opportunity to select and instrument and learn how to play it as a group! From its history, to scales, to playing a piece, come together as a band to make some music.

    Power Your Voice!

    This is an opportunity to work on your vocal skills and explore your writing style and techniques. This program empowers you to find your own voice through warm-ups, group writing activities, and small collaborative performances.

    Rock n’ Record

    Ever wondered what it might be like to form a band and play music together on a weekly basis, until a big performance? The Rock n’ Record program allows folks with all types of experience to come together to write, record, and perform a song.


    An opportunity to explore the creation of music! Learn about songwriting, composition, and the history of music while you practice your craft and create your own song or piece of music on your own or with other participants. No matter what genre of music you are interested in, this is a place to explore your writing style with different prompts and activities each week.

    Ukulele & Guitar Exploration

    The ukulele and guitar programs are for beginners, and those who are a little more advanced. It’s an opportunity to not only learn some of the basic chords, but also the history and have any questions you might have, answered by the facilitator. Whether you’re just picking up a guitar or ukulele for the first time or you’ve been playing for years, this is the program for you.