Performing arts can include, but is not limited to, dance, theatre, musical theatre, improv and so much more. The performing arts programs at the MacPhee Centre are dedicated to supporting youth as they navigate their own performance styles and passions, in an environment that encourages vulnerability and creativity.

Some of the programs that have been offered in the past include:

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    The Facilitators

    Curious about who might be leading one of these programs? These are some of the folks who have facilitated programs with these organizations in the past.

    Isabelle Elie-Pierre Headshot

    Isabelle Elie-Pierre (she/her)
    Glokal, Caribbean Dance, & Outreach Facilitator

    Laura McRae Headshot

    Laura McRae (she/her)
    Ukulele & Musical Theatre Facilitator

    Andre Anderson Headshot

    Andre Anderson (he/him)
    Improv Facilitator

    Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 1.52.00 PM

    Rebecca Wolfe (she/her)
    Improv and Comedy, Acting 101 & Play Production Facilitator

    Acting 101 & Exploring Performance

    Ever wondered what it might be like to be on a big stage? Maybe you have pondered what the biggest starts in Hollywood do on the set of a move. In this program, you have the chance to dive into comedy, tragedy, improv and more! It is a great opportunity to learn the basics of stage craft and acting through games while wrapping it all up with a monologue or scenes. You’ll also learn some helpful tools when it comes to acting. 

    Carribean Dance

    A program designed to showcase the mixture of movement and rhythm in this style of dance. Through guidance of a facilitator, listen and move to Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Bachata and more! Go at your own pace, and try whatever you feel comfortable moving to. 


    Through a combination of classic games and character creation – you have the chance to explore your own performance style in learning the rules of improv. In this ‘in the moment’ style of performance, participants create scenes and stories as the narrative unfolds. It’s all live!

    Musical Theatre

    Are you a big fan of all things Broadway? This program will allow youth to explore various vocal warmups, breathing techniques, projection, vibrato, expression, pitch matching, timing, and more. Either independently or collaboratively, you have the chance to focus in on one or two songs and perfect your performance.