Photos & Film

Photo and Film programs empower youth to tell stories about the world through their own eyes. With support from facilitators, participants will develop the skill set necessary to plan the perfect photo, create a short film with the people they love, use their mobile devices to their fullest photo capacity – and so much more.

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    The Facilitators

    Curious about who might be leading one of these programs? These are some of the folks who have facilitated programs with these organizations in the past.

    David Middleton

    David Middleton (he/him)
    Photography Facilitator

    Sobaz Benjamin Headshot

    Sobaz Benjamin (he/him)
    Mobile Filmmaking Facilitator

    Veronica Guiterrez Headshot

    Verónica Gutierrez (she/they)
    Photography Facilitator

    Cody Turner Headshot

    Cody Turner (he/him)
    Mobile Photography Facilitator

    Mobile Film & Photography

    Maybe a DSL-R camera feels a little daunting, or you are not totally committed to learning all there is to know about photography just yet. In this program, you will learn how to use your mobile device to create beautiful, clear, and story-telling images and movies with the latest and greatest apps.


    Ever wondered what it takes to fully frame a shot, and capture the light, detail, or movement in your subject? In photography, you’ll work closely with the facilitator to not only know exactly how a camera works, but how you can use it to capture the images and stories you want to tell.

    REEL Focus Film Making/Changing the Narrative

    The REEL Focus Film Making/Changing the Narrative Program is unique from the other programs. It runs for a longer duration outside of the regular program term and includes the elements of learning how to make short videos, touring professional studios, and learning about local film school programs. It is designed to help you learn everything from interview skills to editing and beyond. It is designed for ages 16-19.