Visual Arts

One of the biggest groups of programs at the MacPhee Centre. To name a few, we have: Painting, Drawing, Creative Sketchbooking, ‘Crafternoons’, and so much more! These programs are designed for folks who have never explored visual arts before and for those who are a little more well-versed in the creative arts. Read through the program descriptions below – there is surely something to explore.

Some of the programs that have been offered in the past include:

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    The Facilitators

    Curious about who might be leading one of these programs? These are some of the folks who have facilitated programs with these organizations in the past.

    Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.24.36 PM

    JJ Steeves (she/they)
    Creative Sketchbooking Facilitator

    Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.22.09 PM

    Izzy Francolini (they/them)
    Creating & Drawing Characters Facilitator

    Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.20.36 PM

    Achilles Hencher (they/them)
    Creative Open Studio Facilitator

    Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.16.48 PM

    Kemmy Smith (he/him)
    Figure Drawing Facilitator

    James Neish Headshot

    James Neish (All Pronouns)
    Art of Comics, Painting, & GSA Facilitator


    Lux Habrich (she/her)
    Outreach Facilitator

    Kayla Bernard Headshot

    Kayla Bernard (she/her)
    AMP'd, Heart Camp, & Cats, Poetry and Crafts Facilitator

    Kayza DeGraff-Ford Headshot

    Kayza DeGraff-Ford (they/them)
    Silk Painting Facilitator

    Letitia Fraser Headshot

    Letitia Fraser (she/her)
    Painting Facilitator


    Looking for a space to hangout and create with peers? AMP’d! focuses on exploring a variety of mediums – poetry, origami, drawing – while understanding our minds and feelings as we explore our creativity.


    This truly is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ program! On day one, you’ll work with the facilitator to determine what you are most interested in learning. Clay modeling? Patch making? Wax seal creation? The possibilities are endless in this creative exposure-esque program. 


    Through a combination of classic games and character creation – you have the chance to explore your own performance style in learning the rules of improv. In this ‘in the moment’ style of performance, participants create scenes and stories as the narrative unfolds. It’s all live!

    Creative Sketchbooking

    Almost everyone has kept a sketchbook or journal at some point in their lives, but why? What does it make us feel, and how does it help us think? Join as we investigate the ways in which keeping a sketchbook or journal can help us understand ourselves, and the world around us, a little better.

    Creative Storytelling

    An opportunity to combine collage making with storytelling by using fabrics, colourful paper, magazines, newspaper, stickers – really anything that is around – to create a scene or moment. Then take that image and dive into character creation and build a story.

    Drawing & Figure Drawing

    Aspiring artists will learn everything they need to know about drawing! In Drawing, explore what it is like to use a variety of mediums – markers, crayons, pencils, pens, pastels – while getting some of the basic techniques down. In Figure Drawing, you will learn about the human figure and how to master lifelike gestures, proportions, and body movement.

    Drawing 2.0

    A program designed for advanced and intermediate illustrators. Work with your tools of choice as you delve further into illustrative techniques experimenting with different styles and materials. 

    Drawing in the Margins

    An opportunity to use writing and drawing to tap into your creative zone. Come hang out with a group of peers to follow along with some guided prompts, or simply show-up and be creative however you are feeling on a particular day. 


    An exploration of paint! Try your hand at acrylic, watercolour, guache, and more. Layer colours, textures, and techniques in this program designed for introductory artists and creatives and slowly begin to understand your own creative practice. Depending on the program term, a program might focus on a particular medium so be sure to read the selected programs detailed description.

    Painting 2.0

    To build on the skills you might already have or have learned in a previous painting program at the MacPhee Centre, this program is dedicated to taking your painting to the next level while building upon your skills with new mediums in an advanced/intermediate setting.

    Paradigm Shifting Through Pandemonium

    An opportunity to explore one’s relationship with Self, others, the earth and cosmos! Come together to create your own work in your preferred creative outlet while learning additional tools and concepts that support you in creating what you wish to see.

    Self Care Art

    Come together to care for yourself and others in a creative community where you are welcome to explore whatever creative mediums you want to learn more about, are passionate about, or feel the best to you!

    Zine Art

    Draw, collage, write and use all of your crafty skills to create and publish your own mini-magazine. Whether it is telling a story, designing a comic, or combining all of your creative interests – this is for you!